INNOMED Innovation Medical ApS was founded in 2008 by Director Jens Kjeldgaard. INNOMED is a corporate company and it is 100% owned by the founder. Banking corporation is Jyske Bank.

Jens Kjeldgaard has experience from many years with sales and marketing of medical disposables and medical equipment through employment and partial ownership in production- and distribution companies within the hospital sector. From the marketing, the close corporation with doctors and nurses on the hospitals and the producers, created the development of new products and the optimization of existing products.

A seeking to reach better and more effective methods of treatment is the philosophical platform of INNOMED. INNOMED has a very close corporation with doctors and nurses on the Danish hospitals and its producers, with the purpose, to bring innovative high quality medical products and medical equipment to the market and hereby to contribute to the constant development in the direction of improvement of existing methods of treatment and development of new methods of treatment. On this basis INNOMED will create its growth and expansion and through this seeks to achieve its goals.